ERS Board to hold its Annual Meeting June 19 –






To all GSRA Members:


The official Annual Meeting of the Employees Retirement System Board will be held on Thursday, June 19, 2008, at the ERS offices located at Two Northside 75, Atlanta, GA 30318, in the first floor conference room of the Beta Building


The Board is expected to vote on the COLAs at this meeting.  Like all ERS Board meetings, this one is open to the public, and GSRA members might find it interesting to attend.  A large retiree presence will most certainly send a message to ERS Board members that we are very interested in their deliberations. 


Proceedings start at 10 a.m., with the agenda for each separate retirement system (Judicial, Public School Employees, Legislative, etc.) scheduled at fifteen-minute intervals.  Our Employees Retirement System agenda is scheduled for 11:30 a.m.   


If you are interested in attending, you will need to arrive early, as seating space is very limited. 



Here are directions to the ERS offices:


TRAVELING NORTH ON I-75 THROUGH DOWNTOWN ATLANTA “Connector:” If you are traveling north through downtown Atlanta, you will be on the “Connector,” the combined lanes of I-75 and I-85.  After passing the North Avenue exit, you should move to the extreme right hand lane.  This will take you onto I-75 proper when the two interstates split apart, north of town.  Northside Drive will be the first exit after the 75/85 split.  At the top of the Northside Drive exit ramp (Exit 252A), take a left across the bridge.  Come to the first traffic light at Bellemeade Avenue (just on the other side of the bridge) and take a left into the ERS complex. 



TRAVELING SOUTH ON I-75 TOWARDS DOWNTOWN ATLANTA:  If you are traveling south on I-75 towards downtown Atlanta, you will exit on the Howell Mill/Northside Drive exit.  After exiting, be sure to travel to the second ramp, which is the actual exit for Northside Drive (Exit 252A).  Take a right at the top of the ramp, then immediately get in the left hand lane so that you can make a left turn at the traffic light at Bellemeade Avenue. 



TRAVELING SOUTH ON I-85 TOWARDS DOWNTOWN ATLANTA:  If you are traveling south on I-85, exit on to I-75 north ( stay in the extreme right hand lane after passing the Lenox/Cheshire Bridge exits;  it will be several miles to I-75, but can sometimes be difficult to move to the right).  As you transition from I-85 onto I-75 north, move immediately into the extreme right lane to exit onto Northside Drive (Exit 252A).  Take a left across the bridge and at the first traffic light,  at Bellemeade Avenue (just on the other side of the bridge), take a left into the ERS complex. 



The Beta Building will be on your right as you come down the drive.  You may park atop the decks or in the underground parking area.




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