Membership Dues


Annual Dues:

  • Annual Dues are $24 per 12-month period
  • Lifetime Dues are $360
  • You can join GSRA on-line and choose to pay Dues online

    • by credit or debit card (VISA or Mastercard)
    • by personal check or money order
    • by Pension deduction (Pension Deduction Form)
  • We'll send you a renewal notice for Annual Dues

Our Budget:

  • Our only source of Income is the Annual Dues paid by Members
  • GSRA Expenses include:

    • Travel for Officers to attend meetings throughout the State
    • Printing of flyers, brochures and other materials
    • Postage to send Newsletters to Members without e-mail
    • Cost associated with operating the website


In order to help keep our expenses low, many Members volunteer time for specific projects or activities.  For example, Members provide their time to make changes to the website, respond to e-mails, process incoming checks, prepare mailings, etc.