Our Purpose

GSRA is a non-profit organization advocating for State of Georgia active and retired state employees and educators.  Our purpose is to:

  • Advocate for employees and retirees who participate in any health and/or retirement benefit plans administered by a State of Georgia department or subdivision.
  • Lobby for or against legislation that affects income or benefits for active and retired employees and educators.
  • Monitor deliberations and actions by legislative and administrative bodies that impact retirees’ pension and health benefits and other aspects of income and well-being.
  • Provide for the exchange of information, ideas, knowledge and expertise in all matters affecting the well-being of the community, including but not limited to retirement and insurance benefits.

GSRA is not a trade union.

The two common interests that bind retirees of state government, local school systems, and the Board of Regents are pension benefits based on salary and length of service and health insurance.  GSRA’s primary goal is to watch over these promised benefits very closely.  Beyond that, GSRA will work in other ways to assist its members.