Our Organization


Our Organization

GSRA is a not-for-profit 501-C (4) organization that was created to enhance and promote education and the welfare of the entire Georgia State government community relative to retirement and health care benefits that are provided to retired State of Georgia employees.  It was established in December 2006 by a group of Georgia retirees who felt a common need to network around shared interests.

All Board Members are retirees who volunteer their time to the business of the Association. The Board is composed of four (4) officers, six (6) Members At-Large (elected for 2-year terms), and four (4) Local Chapter Representatives. The By-Laws establish six (6) standing committees and a Policy and Operations Committee.  In addition, the By-Laws empower the President to appoint ad hoc committees as needed.  Board members are elected by the general membership.  

As a grassroots organization, GSRA's strength comes from our members’ involvement in the Association.  Active and retired state employees and educators are automatically members of the closest local chapter in their area.  Upon joining GSRA, members are encouraged to get involved in the local chapter since there is no additional membership cost.

GSRA was conceived by several active and retired state employees recently serving in the highest administrative and line positions in state government. These individuals were concerned about the viability of our State Health Benefit Plan to both continue as affordable with comprehensive coverage and to continue to cover retirees. This concern was due to a combination of several years of underfunding and a newly issued financial reporting standard by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB). The concerned retirees looked to develop solutions to propose to those with authority to implement them. In subsequent years, the same combination of underfunding the Employees Retirement System pension fund and more strict GASB-issued financial reporting standards, as well as a revamped retirement system for future employees, led to similar concerns about the sustainability of the pension fund and its capability for affording cost of living adjustments (COLAs) which it had been paying for over 30 consecutive years.

Our first officers were a former State Auditor who had also been commissioner and deputy commissioner of other state agencies, a former director of the Office of Planning and Budget who had also been a chief policy advisor for a former governor and a deputy Legislative Budget Officer, a former Commissioner of Personnel Administration for the state, and a former deputy State Auditor. Subsequent members of our board and operating committees have also included former commissioners, division directors and other managers, as well as rank-and-file employees.

GSRA has grown over the years to over 7,500 diverse members from most of state government including Teachers Retirement System (TRS) entities. We partner with many organizations of active and retired ERS members and TRS members.