Contacting Your Legislator with a Letter


If your issue is not time-critical, a personal letter is the best way to communicate with a state legislative office. 

  • Individually written letters, rather than mass generated form letters, make a greater impression on your legislator.
  • Type your name, address, and phone number at the top of the page.
  • The salutation should be: Dear Senator or Dear Representative followed by the legislator's last name.
  • Be specific. State your purpose for writing in the first paragraph of the letter. 
  • If your letter pertains to a specific piece of legislation, be sure to identify its full name and number, e.g. House Bill: HB_____, Senate Bill: SB_____.
  • State your position clearly.  Explain why you support or oppose this particular issue. Keep in mind that local examples concerning the impact of this legislation are very powerful. Be courteous and to the point, keeping your letter focused on the issue at hand.
  • Ask for a response. Indicate to your legislator that you would appreciate a reply that includes his/her position on the issue. 
  • Limit the length of your letter to one page only.  The longer the letter, the less likely it will be read.
  • "Sincerely yours" is a proper way to conclude your letter.

Address your letter as follows:

      To a State Senator:

          The Honorable (Full Name)

          Georgia Senate

          State Capitol, Room (Room Number)
          Atlanta, GA 30334


      To a State Representatives:

         The Honorable (Full Name)
         Georgia House of Representatives

         State Capitol,  Room (Room Number)
         Atlanta, GA 30334


If the General Assembly is not in session at the time you are writing, it may be more effective to send your letter to your legislator's district office.


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