FAQs about GSRA


I heard that portions of the GSRA web site are closed to non-members.

You heard right. GSRA has limited access to much of the site to members only.  We are planning an August 1, 2012 changeover to our new web site.  We are in the process of updating legislation that we will be tracking and education content, developing a forum for member discussions, plus many other new features as well as a new look. If you like what you can see now, join us and gain access to the entire website and all Newsletters!


I have heard that GSRA is a lobbying organization for retirees. Is this true?

No.  GSRA does not have a registered Lobbyist nor does it engage in lobbying activities.  GSRA's purpose is to educate and inform retirees about their retirement and health insurance benefits.  We will also attempt to educate others about the needs of retirees.  From time to time, GSRA will inform its membership and others about actions that might be taken to help protect the benefits that retirees have been promised.  Review our association's purpose on the Our Purpose section of this web site under About Us.


GSRA charges $20 for membership.  Where does this money go?

As with any organization there are expenses that must be paid.  A considerable portion of our expense is in maintaining a web site for our membership, in printing materials for dissemination, for travel expenses, and other expenses necessary for an organization to operate.  No salaries or compensation is paid to any of the officers or directors from association funds.


How can I participate in the Association?

Contact any of the officers or directors and let them know of your interest.  Click on the Contact Us heading for how to get in touch with the association. 


I am a member of another retirement organization.  Should I drop my membership there and join GSRA?

You should definitely NOT drop any current membership you have in your retirement organization. GSRA is not attempting to take the place of any other association nor compete with any other retirement association. GSRA felt there was a void that needed to be filled by an organization whose main purpose was keeping retirees informed about their retirement and health insurance benefits. We feel that you can easily be a member of both and enjoy the benefits of both.  


Is it hard to join.  What do I need to do?

It is very easy.  Go the Join Us section of the web site and simply follow the instructions there.  Becoming a member of the organization will entitle you to access to the Members Only sections of the web site.